Home Interior DIY Tips

Although we are still in the midst of winter, it’s never too early to create a bit of spring in your home. Don’t let the dark days bring you down, instead focus on creating a little sanctuary in your home. If you are not quite sure where to start, have a read through some of our favourite tips.

New Wall Art

You can give your home a whole new atmosphere just by changing the pictures and picture frames on your wall. If you don’t quite have the funds to invest in expensive prints or posters, you can create your own prints easily – even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body! Buy a canvas or thick piece of paper in a hobby shop, some paint and tape. Make sure you pick colours that don’t clash with your current interior and each other. With the tape, create a chevron or any other pattern that strikes your fancy. Use the paint to colour in the empty spaces you created. Carefully remove the tape while the paint is still a little wet and – tada! – you have a beautiful new piece of wall art.

Urban Jungle

Bring a bit of life into your home with the addition of plants and flowers. Although succulents or cactus plants are very popular, nothing quite beats fresh-cut flowers. Give yourself, or someone else who needs a bit of a pick-me-up, a fantastic treat and order a bouquet online. Companies, including Bloom Magic flowers, offer free next-day delivery across the UK so you are not limited by location. If you also like to add a bit of jungle to your home without spending too much, shops like Ikea offer great deal on big, beautiful houseplants. Do you already own a few big plants? Give them a little bit of a makeover by buying some new pots or painting their existing ones. A fresh colour can really change things about.

Add a New Rug

You will be amazed what a new rug can do for your home. It can transform cold rooms into a warm sanctuary. Not only are rugs especially nice in winter as they will keep your feet warm, it can also add a new depth to your interior. Pick a colour that complements your colour scheme, or use the rug to achieve colour blocking in your home. Often, being brave enough to use contrasting colours can create a fantastic effect. If you have grey or blue furniture, a boldly coloured rug, like mustard yellow, can really liven up your living room or bedroom.

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