Tips to Make the Most of Your Ski Holiday

The perfect way to brighten up a gloomy winter, there’s nothing better than a week in the mountains with friends and family. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a complete novice, skiing is something to be enjoyed by all levels. We’ve put together a list of our top tips so you can make the most of your time in the mountains.

  1. Choose an All-Inclusive hotel

After an exciting day on the slopes, the last thing you want to do is think about making dinner. All-inclusive ski hotels are a superb option, especially for families visiting the mountains. The initial expense is well worth it as you can literally spend nothing while on away. For families, choose an all-inclusive hotel with childcare includes. British tour operator Mark Warner have superb family-friendly all-inclusive hotels throughout the Alps with British trained nannies and excellent facilities for the whole family.

  1. Enjoy an Après Ski Drink

At around 4 the skiers start to trickle off the mountain and descend on the mountain bars for an après ski drink. Après ski bars vary from cozy, traditional restaurants to electrifying parties with champagne showers and international DJs. Après ski which literally means after skiing has become an integral part of a day on the mountain so if you are looking to fully immerse yourself in alpine culture checking out the après bars is a must.  If you are looking to party certain resorts are more renowned than others. St. Anton in Austria is known for its lively après ski and excellent nightlife.

  1. Be Confident

For first time skiers in particular, confidence is key. Standing at the top of a run it is easy to panic while experienced skiers zoom past. 50 % of skiing is confidence while the other 50 is technique. If it’s your first time, booking into lessons will help you improve dramatically. There are lessons for all ages from toddlers to adults so don’t be embarrassed by wanting to improve. Another great way to up your technique and up your confidence is by watching tutorials on YouTube.

  1. Get the Right Lift Pass

Lift passes are often the priciest part of a ski trip costing up to 400 euros plus in resorts in the Alps. Before rushing in and buying a full week’s pass make sure you look at the weather reports. If it looks like there are a few days of bad weather forecasted consider getting a pass for a few days and then assess whether it is worth getting a full day one on the days when the weather closes in. Often parts of the mountain will be closed. Beginners should take it day by day with their passes. Try out the free runs first before getting a resort pass and then if you feel confident enough for a full area later on in the week branch out to this. That way you are not spending unnecessary money on passes you don’t need.



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